The Adventures of Adam and Anisah: The Flying Carpet

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With beautiful illustrations and charming text, The Flying Carpet storybook takes young readers on an epic journey across different terrains and regions, until it reaches its conclusion at a very special destination. This story will have children gripped and will inspire a love for exploration and a thirst for new knowledge. A perfect bedtime read for parents and a great addition to your library or classroom.

The Flying Carpet is the first book in The Adventures of Adam & Anisah series.



“A lovely book, which we all enjoyed page by page! The overall message is such an important one and was told in the imaginative way that young children enjoy.” -Parent


Product Info:

Title: The Flying Carpet

Author: Zahra Patel

Publisher: Knowledge to Action (Ilm2Amal)

Recommended Age: 3+

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1916304833