Surah Strips by Anjum Vahora

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If you’ve been looking for a hands on, interactive and fun way to engage your child with surahs from the Qur’an, then look no further! The Surah Strips book is just that - it supports your child’s reading or hifdh journey.



You need to cut out the ayat of the surah you wish you study, shuffle them around and allow your child to re-order either by reading or from memory. The resource allows for self-correcting through the Control Card as well as the coloured strips acting as visual cues.

The Surah Strips further challenge your children by offering B&W versions of the surah strips and on the flip side, they encourage younger children that are new to reading by having a large font option for shorter surahs. Finally, to mark your children’s achievement, included in the pack are set of stickers.


· 270+ High Quality Perforated Sheets = Easy to tear!
· Surah Strips for all surahs in Juzz Amma + Surah al Fatiha (identifable by the different header colours + Control Card
· B&W Surah Strips to add that extra challenge.
· Large font option for some shorter surahs for the littler hands
· High Quality Stickers to mark your child’s achievement!

!!Endorsed and reviewed by Sh Saalim al Azhari, Ustadah Sarah Ahmed, Ustadah Layla, Qari Mubashir